Monday, June 8


The PIBC Thai mission team left this morning (with a bang) and right about now are probably enjoying their seven hour layover in the Bangkok airport. ~ link

We depart from Guam in less than 8 hours. We spent the day running errands and saying our last good-byes to people.
rain barrel
How to save money with a rain barrel ~ link

Bookmark -- 35 amazingly well-designed church websites ~ link

Not on the amazing list above (yet) but The Gallery Covenant Church (launching 1-10-10 in St Paul, Minnesota) already has a great website and logo ~ link

A Connecticut school district has tossed out the Algebra textbooks and replaced them with their own customized online curriculum. ~ link

We posted a ministry update this afternoon. ~ link

My gmail has been a pain all day today -- incomplete loading and attachments coming through with issues. Perhaps they really do need to keep the "beta' label on gmail for awhile longer.

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