Thursday, July 16

My definition of organic church planting

Starting new mission-focused congregations without using artificial fertilizer -- that is, without the levels of hype and activity that inadvertently tend to feed religious consumerism.


Cary Brooks said...

Great definition Brad. I think we need a new way of doing church. I just don't know what it is.

A major problem is economics. The cost of maintaining a church the way we currently do it, necessitates the hype to keep people coming and giving to keep it going. We have small older congregations that are healthy financially because of buildings that are paid for, but haven't seen a new believer in years. Maybe we need more bi-vocational pastors.

We're also fighting a cultural battle with a society is focused on entertainment and have forgotten how to read.

How does the organic church maintain itself financially and do evangelism?

Cary Brooks

Laura Springer said...


Great definition. I'll be pondering...