Thursday, July 16


• We've been outside watching a pretty spectacular electrical storm over the Superstition Mountains. That will keep the fire crews busy for at least a few days. No rain.

• Are you still trying to figure out what we're doing? We sent out a ministry update today. ~ link

• US government researchers have figured out how to use satellites to spot the leading edge of tsunamis. This is information that could save a lot of lives (228,000 people died in the tsunami that followed the 2004 Indonesian earthquake). And it is information to bring-up the next time someone starts whining about the US government. ~ link

...We evangelicals never downplay the importance of individuals -- as individuals -- coming to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. We never say that an individual's very personal relationship to God is not important. What we do say is that individual salvation is not enough. ~ Richard Mouw responding to Katharine Jefferts Schori's accusations of evangelical heresy.
• Bunker Hill Community College, in Massachusetts, will be offering two courses between 11:45 p.m. and 2:30 a.m. (!) this fall. Should be interesting -- most college professors aren't used to the graveyard shift. ~ link

• I'm confused. We saw a little Smart Car for sale in the IKEA parking lot and the info in the window says that it gets about 34 mpg around town. Our Corolla gets over 30 mpg around town -- and it's twice as big. 34 mpg can't be accurate.

The significance of Christian faith is not found in the moral change it produces. Our transformed lives are not the most important thing we offer to the world. So argues Mark Galli. ~ link

The difference between hype and excitement ~ link

"Guam gets $104M from USDA for new landfill" -- This is one thing that Guam has mastered -- the creative stall. If you ditz around and hold out long enough you know that the federal government will eventually bail you out. This is classic. ~ link

• "For the first time in its five-year history, the media arm of Campus Crusade for Christ recorded over one million decisions for Jesus Christ in a single month." We might argue over the long-term signficance of "decisions for Jesus" but I don't think we can object to the fact that there are millions out there searching -- and many are using the internet and related technology to help them sort through the important issues in life. Kudos to CCC for being there. ~ link

• The confusing, sort'a secret rise of capitalism in North Korea. ~ link

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