Monday, July 13


the gospel according to peanutsRonald L Short has died. His 1965 best-selling book The Gospel According to Peanuts contexualized gospel for pop culture, a pioneering endeavor. ~ link

Klyne Snodgrass is raising hell with his discussion of "Jesus and 'hell'" ~ link

• Shooting a volley back at Google, Microsoft is going to offer a free web-based version of Office -- including Word & PowerPoint. ~ link

Small plot farming is back in vogue -- drawing in lots of suburbanites. The organic market is making it an economical option. ~ link

• New study: Naringenin, a flavonoid derived from citrus fruit "has shown tremendous promise for preventing weight gain." Time to go back on that grapefruit diet? ~ link

The International Bible Society (formerly known as the New York Bible Society) is now Biblica. ~ link

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