Tuesday, July 14


Aaron Taylor answers those who contend that Chris Leggett, who was gunned down by al Qaeda for the alleged “crime” of trying to convert Muslims to Christianity, got what he deserved. ~ link

• As Michael Spencer tweeted, "Houston, we have a problem." As I see it, it's syncretism on steroids. "I'm a born again American..." ~ link

• The NLT people have done something interesting. In addition to a daily text tweet they have added daily commentaries to go with them. You can sign-up to get the related NLT Study Bible comments or comments from the Life Application Bible. They're each separate Twitter feeds. ~ link

The senators "interviewing" Judge Sotomayor all seem more interested in hearing themselves talk than in what she has to say. It's painful to watch.

• We tried the house brand dark chocolate bars at Fresh & Easy -- yum -- and only 50¢.

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