Wednesday, July 15

Transition progress

We traded in our Guam driving licenses this afternoon. That means no more engaging conversations with store clerks and bank tellers explaining what they are -- or who we are. The new Arizona licenses expire on our 65th birthdays.

With the license application we also registered to vote. (I'm expecting the first jury summons next week.)

The Post Office in Laveen called today to tell us that they had a PO box available. So now we (and the church) can be reached at PO Box 1113, Laveen AZ 85339.

Yesterday we looked at another batch of foreclosures and short-sale houses (almost all houses on the market here are foreclosures or short-sales -- no normal ordinary sales). We still haven't heard anything about the house we bid on three days ago. We're now preparing to bid on a HUD house.

We did manage to squeeze in a movie this morning. We were the only ones in the theater for the 9:30 a.m. showing of UP! Like everyone else we loved it.

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