Sunday, July 19


• The thermometer read 119° for awhile this afternoon. Even with 8% humidity that's hot.

We saw a spectacular cardinal (non-football variety) on our walk this morning. I'd heard that there were cardinals in Arizona but they are not as common as in the Midwest. This was an Arizona first for me.

Last evening we did the "experience" in Gilbert. Indeed it was an experience. Good people. We also had a positive experience at CrossWalk in Laveen this morning. We even scored a $5 Stabbucks card in the visitor packet.

We're making an offer on another house. This particular house is in the same neighborhood as the first house on which we bid. That offer (on the first house) was for cash. It was $8,000 over the asking price -- and the seller's agent didn't even bother to respond to it. This is such a bizarre real estate market.

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