Thursday, July 2

Twin Falls, Idaho

We're over-nighting in Twin Falls, Idaho.

When did this place burst into the modern world? It was pretty rustic the last time I was here -- but now -- new Costco, new Walmart, you name the restaurant... I wonder which economic engine is driving all of this. Twin Falls is still somewhat in the middle of nowhere.

We left early this morning from Blanchard, Idaho -- drove into Washington State -- then into Oregon -- and finally 5 or 6 hours later returned to Idaho. (There are no Interstate highways connecting north Idaho with the central and southern portions of the state, so the quickest way to get south is to go through the adjoining states.)

Today I learned:
1. Idaho is a long state.
2. a significant chunk of eastern Oregon is on Mountain Time.
3. you can pump your own gas in Oregon -- if you're on an Indian reservation.

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