Sunday, August 2


Exploring China's unique presence in Africa -- NPR story

• I've started reading PIBC colleague Hollie Schaub's master's thesis, "Navigating the Currents of Change in the Micronesian Worldview." This has got to be required reading for anyone who works alongside Micronesians. Hopefully she'll put it online.

• We visited Paradise Valley Community Church this morning and ran into my old friend Marsha (Johnson) Harrison. And Kurt Notehelfer was the preacher.

• About 30 minutes ago Tom Gibbs announced on FB that he's getting married. Women around the world are crying themselves to sleep tonight.

A NY woman is suing the college from which she graduated with bachelors degree. She can't find work with her degree. If you were a potential employer would you hire someone who had frivolously sued her college? ~ link

New HIV strain ~ link

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Dave Owen said...

Yes I read Hollie's thesis when I was in Palau. It is fascinating, especially the text of the interviews in the appendix. I am urging all our people to read it and I am looking forward to discussing it.