Saturday, August 1


• "Patience can persuade a prince, and soft speech can break bones." ~ Proverbs 25:15 (NLT)

• It appears that Phyllis Tickle is now tweeting. ~ link

• Fuller Seminary must be concerned about the effects on the economy of admissions. They've announced a "New Seminarian Scholarship."

• "The two sides of the Hoover Dam bypass bridge’s twin arches will be connected in the coming weeks, creating the largest concrete arch in North America..." This is one fabulous project. See the LV Sun pictures and story. We saw it in person last month. ~ link

Public schools in the Phoenix area start this Monday, August 3rd. It's too hot to play outside anyway.

It's going to cost you four or five more dollars to visit a Disney theme park. Raising prices in a slow economy is a counter intuitive move. ~ link

It's no longer cool to go topless on the beaches in France. Sometimes I think that the emerging generation might just have more common sense than their parents. ~ link

"Rev Ike," one of the first prosperity preachers on TV, has gone on to his final mansion. By today's standards he seemed tame in his heresies. ~ link

The Chinese churches are growing -- even in Japan. ~ link

• The summer 2009 issue of Leadership Journal has several great articles on how age segregation has weakened the churches and what's being done about it. Good stuff by Kara Powell, John Ortberg, and Angie Ward. We may be a bit slow but eventually we figure out that not everything new, exciting, and doable is necessarily healthy.

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