Friday, August 14


• Another great 20th century theologian has died. Geoffrey Bromiley was an historical theologian and the English translator of many major theological works -- including Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics. Praise God for his life and service. ~ link

Church wins the lottery! The story doesn't say if the church purchased the ticket or if someone donated it to them. ~ link

• Two (neo-reformed) megachurches are launching seminaries. Mars Hill Church in Seattle is starting the Resurgence Training Center ("Re:Train") and Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis is now offering master's degrees as Bethlehem College and Seminary. ~ link

• I tried Yahoo's "social mojo" rater and I'm a "concierge." ~ link

We got the key to the house!!! And just in time that we could give Kirk and Betsy a tour this evening. They're visiting us this weekend and we're all attending my niece Christy's wedding tomorrow.

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Beth B said...

COngratulations, Brad! may your new home be filled with laughter and joy!