Sunday, August 16


We saw Air Force One land this afternoon as we were leaving Sky Harbor. Obama and family had taken a day trip up to the Grand Canyon this morning. The landing shut down all the other air traffic for a few minutes. Kirk's flight out was delayed for half an hour.

• Our otherwise barren backyard (literally) now has two cactus paddles (cuttings from a plant I like) that I stuck in the ground this afternoon. It felt good to get my hands back into the dirt dust -- even if it was 106° out there.

• The plan is to change locks tomorrow. Receive appliances and new AC on Tuesday. Sleep there Tuesday night. We are expecting the pod from storage on Wednesday and I'll take a rental truck over to pick up stuff from my brother's garage. Sometime soon we need to get up to Turlock to get things from storage there.

Umair Haque rants about the superior wisdom and ethical perspective of Generation M. He's worth reading but his assumptions about the previous generations are incorrect. Just because things have turned out a certain way doesn't mean that is how things were planned -- or intended. And in 30-40 years generation M is going to be scratching their collective head wondering how such noble ambitions got so screwed up. The problems are more systemic to human nature than to any given generation or culture. Of course, arrogantly blaming previous generations is a part of that problem, too. In the 60's and 70's we were as full of it as he is. ~ link


Carebear1158 said...

What's Gen M?

Brad Boydston said...

There is little agreement as to what to call the generations. But generation M seems to refer to the media generation -- the millennium generation -- aka the internet generation -- generation y. Basically those in their 20's right now.