Sunday, August 30


• This is why I think that postmodernism is really modernity on steroids. See Scot McKnight's assessment of postmodernity -- Self in a Castle

• I saw a man today with massive tattoo removal scars -- not very attractive. Tattoos are so permanent -- even when they're removed.

Hawaii's response to problems related to the compacts of free association could affect Guam. ~ link

• I got the first gallon of paint up on the wall. Painting is definitely more to my liking than hanging ceiling fans and light fixtures.

• Karyn Sorenson is saying that PIU is now up to 115 students for the fall semester -- definitely a Guam campus record. I wonder if that includes the class at the prison. ~ link

Yum. Coconut M&M's.


Beth B said...

Rodney Clapp used to say that instead of calling it postmodernism we should be calling it hypermodernism.

Also, do the coconut M&M's hav chocolate centers with coconut flakes, or are they pure white inside? Either way they sound heavenly.

Unknown said...

I don't think the 115 includes the prison numbers. We were all amazed! Also, Eric posted our blog before I had added the update on him and a couple other things. Therefore, I'm assuming since you get "direct feed" (or whatever it's called) that you didn't get our "final draft" blog. I can't see the layout of our blog until I post it. Therefore, everyone who gets "direct feed" gets a rough draft, not the final project. Wish there was a way around this. We miss you guys a BUNCH!!!