Monday, August 31


• Check out the mobile wedding chapel ~ link

• Marsha Harrison forwarded pictures of a mobile camper that looks a lot like a garbage truck. You could probably take it anywhere -- if you could afford the fuel. ~ link

• A very fine interview with Phyllis Tickle on the Covenant website -- she discusses how the changing face of Christianity will impact denominations. ~ link

Wolfgang Simson's almost classic Houses that Change the World has been updated and re-released as The House Church Book.

• "Few Americans attend house churches, survey reveals" ~ link

• The US government is starting to receive dividends on some of the bail-out investments. It's not yet a lot but it's real revenue. ~ link

Hurricane Jimena is now category 4 and is threatening the Baja coast of Mexico. Sometimes a storm hitting in Baja will spin a little extra moisture up our direction. It has been a really dry monsoon season in Arizona. ~ link

• Totally unrelated to the hurricane we're right now in the midst of a pretty strong wind and dust storm -- a little moisture -- some electrical activity. One of our yucca plants has blown over.

Does Arizona have an image problem? How could it be? Just because people carry and flaunt semi-automatic weapons when they have an anti-Obama demonstration and an area "pastor" leads his congregation to pray that the president will be struck down with brain cancer? I can't imagine that such activities would negatively affect how the world views Arizona. ~ link | link

Today is our last day on the payroll as Covenant Project Missionaries. It was a great three years. I'm still going to be teaching classes for PIU -- adjunct online -- hopefully as early as this coming spring semester.

• "Ninty-Nine out of a hundred dying churches will begin the service with announcements..." ~ Bill Easum (See also "the top six tactical mistakes churches make"

Skype is doubling the cost of international phone calls. Computer-to-computer is still free. ~ link

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