Sunday, September 27


Chick-Fil-A has got groupies -- lots and lots of groupies. ~ Link to the fun Nightline story

• This coming Wednesday, September 30th, is "International Blasphemy Day." They've got some valid points to make but their in-your-face approach isn't all that helpful -- and no one will take them seriously. ~ link

• Southwest Airlines sent me email offering to sell me a cut-in-line pass for my flight to Detroit later this week. Is there no end to the gimmicks that the airlines dream up to annoy customers?

• The death of William Safire was reported on Twitter and Wikipedia before it showed up through the conventional news channels. Scoped! ~ link

• We showed up at the last minute for worship at New Hope Covenant Church in Peoria this morning and the parking lot was full. It's easy to understand why -- once you've made it through the front door the first time.

• We're having our first MasterPiece Church VP (vision & prayer) gathering this evening -- while the Cardinals are playing the Colts (can't win them all!). I'm planning to lead some singing with my tenor uke if I can get my stiff fingers moving.

• I see that MasterPiece is now listed in the church directory on the Pacific Southwest Conference website. The more links to the site, the better the Google placement.

• There is a tropical depression off Pohnpei, which appears to be picking up steam and aiming at Guam. ~ link

• I've got to run down to Fry's to pick up another one of those $1 Costa Rican pineapples -- so sweeeeeet!

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