Wednesday, September 30


Cheryl slipped last night while working in the kitchen and broke two bones in her wrist. She wanted to know if I had my camera to take a picture before they reset it. I didn't -- and so you've all been spared the sight. We got home from the hospital at 2-something this morning. She is resting well and does not seem to be in excessive pain.

I cancelled my trip to Detroit, where I was going to attend a Covenant church planters training class.

I ran into a man wearing a Chamorro t-shirt at the QuickStuff market down the street and found out that he is from Yigo. He says that there are quite a few Chamorros living in this area. Even if I might want to (I don't) I can't get away from Guam!

Guam is under a tropical storm watch -- again -- second storm this week. ~ link

The homes of several people from Jesus Covenant Church in Pasig City (suburb of Manila) are under water. ~ link

Lot's more crises tugging at our hearts right now ~ church collapse in Nepal kills at least 23 -- earthquakes in Indonesia and unrelated tsunami, killing perhaps hundreds (I suspect the count will be a lot more once the dust settles). Lord have mercy.

It's only about 95° at noon. Fall has arrived in the desert! However, the dry winds seem to be sucking the remaining moisture out of the plants.

I didn't even know that there was a "Christian Hall of Fame"! I guess you have to be a preacher to get in (they're the highest level Christians -- and thus famous). There is so much warped theology behind this that I'm not sure where to begin picking at it. Suggestions? ~ link

• There are still 380 million people in the world who do not have the Bible in their own language. Today is World Bible Translation Day. ~ link

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Susan Gillespie said...

Re: Christian Hall of Fame -- ssshh. Just don't mention it; maybe no one will find out. Which is what ought to happen to such an idea. Yikes.