Tuesday, September 29


Steve Wilkens and Mark Sanford's new IVP book Hidden Worldviews: Eight Cultural Stories That Shape Our Lives looks interesting. I've added it to my shopping cart.

The storm isn't supposed to hit Guam until early Thursday morning but a FEMA advance team has apparently already arrived on island. You've got to give them credit. The current weather service projection has the center of the relatively minor storm hitting the south end of the island. ~ link

• BTW, has anyone noticed that there is another even larger storm cell forming north of Pohnpei?

• Our friend Dave Husby has a blog post from Sudan. The situation there is not stable enough for Covenant World Relief to begin any development work -- still doing emergency relief. ~ link

Marking the sidewalk with chalk is apparently a criminal offense at the University of Arizona. Seems like an extreme interpretation of the law. It's chalk. ~ link

• Newly released US Census figures report that 938,924 Arizonans live in households below the poverty level -- 14.7% of the state. ~ link

• I'm going to Detroit tomorrow. I know that I put my jacket somewhere in a box about 3 1/2 years ago. Sweatshirt probably won't do, will it?

• It's supposed to start cooling down in Phoenix by the end of this week -- Wednesday's high should be 94° and Thursday's should be 85° (today was 106°). I love this time of the year (September - May) in the desert.

Driver's ed training making a high school comeback? I thought that the public schools were so strapped for money that they were cutting everything except the very basics. I'm sure that driver's ed has some very limited value -- about as much as pre-marital counseling -- hormones and romance can be a hindrance. At least it points you in the right direction. ~ link

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