Tuesday, October 27

My backyard orchard

A few people have asked for pictures of my fledgling backyard orchard. Here are a few shots -- 1) One of the citrus rows -- most everything is on dwarf stock -- everything is very small right now. One of the key limes is blooming and carries developing fruit. The kumquat is also blooming. If you click on the picture to enlarge you will see the pineapples in the ground next to the trees. 2) Palo verde tree -- my one shade tree. In the background is one of the two pomegranate trees. 3) Passion fruit vine is already in bloom. 4) The three banana trees. It's really not much to look at, yet. But considering that two months ago there was not a single plant or tree in the backyard I've made some progress.

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ThomInAZ said...

Looks like our back yard a couple of months ago!...thanks for the Add, Brad.