Thursday, October 15


New research: Companies in need of a new direction "are better off bringing in a complete stranger to lead a reorganization rather than promote a new leader from within." The problem is that "decision makers who share a 'psychological connection' with their predecessors -- either working together or travelling in the same social circles -- are subconsciously motivated to continue past policies and investments rather than make big changes..." ~ link

Covenant World Relief dollars are at work helping flood victims in India. I guarantee, no CEO is making $1 million+ to oversee it all. ~ link

El Niño conditions may mean a wetter (less than 2" more than normal) and cooler winter for Arizona. ~ link

Quotable: "Methodists raised me, Baptists saved me, but Lutherans taught me how to be a Christian." ~ Leonard Sweet

Our latest ministry update is online. ~ link

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