Tuesday, October 20


The American myth has more to do with Moses than Jesus -- an interesting thesis by Bruce Feiler. ~ link

Disenchanted Anglicans no longer have to swim the Tiber. Rome just built a footbridge. ~ link

• Rhoda Janzen (author of Mennonite in a Little Black Dress): "From Modern to Mennonite" ~ link

• Yeah! Good to see that Sears is still a player! ~ link

• Our PIU colleague and Covenant missionary on Guam, Karyn Sorenson is hosting a children's book sale fundraiser for the next ten days. When things get tight the missionaries and their supporters get entrepreneurial. ~ link

• While El Niño probably means a wetter and milder winter in the desert, it means a drier winter on the Western Pacific islands. Dry might be welcomed after the super wet summer on Guam where there is an incredible aquifer. But a lot of the islands don't have any ground water. ~ link

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