Sunday, November 1


MAMA mia, that's a mongo meatball -- 222.5lbs! After establishing the record the monster was donated to a local kitchen for the hungry. I want to know how they got it cooked all the way through without damaging the outer portions. ~ link

• WE drove to Tucson this evening for Scot and Meagan Gillan's farewell at Grace Community Church. I think they've served that congregation for about 17 years. They're off tomorrow heading to Naperville Covenant Church in Naperville, Illinois. It was packed out tonight. They are truly appreciated and loved.

RUSH Limbaugh, who has never created a photo opt of his own nor acted in such a fashion as to garner attention, "accused President Obama of seeking a 'photo op' when he traveled to Dover Air Force Base last week to witness the remains of fallen soldiers being returned from Afghanistan." ~ link

• "$356 MILLION children’s hospital in Mesa to open on Monday" -- How do they do it? The church building we constructed in Turlock was $2.3 million -- and it didn't have any state of the art x-ray or cat-scan machines. We didn't put in operating rooms, elaborate security systems, or parking garages. We did put in some nice play areas for children -- still, $365 million seems like a bargain in this context. ~ link

OOPS! "Plane passenger accidentally activates ejector seat..." ~ link

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