Saturday, October 31


Martin LutherOCTOBER 31, 1517 -- Martin Luther nailed his 95 debate topics to the Wittenberg church door, launching the Protestant Reformation -- much to his surprise.

• "SIX Uyghurs who were imprisoned in the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, were transferred Saturday to the South Pacific island nation of Palau, the Justice Department said." ~ link

DEAR CNN -- unless something has changed since I was there Palau is in the North Pacific -- 7° north of the Equator in the area commonly referred to as the Western Pacific. Beautiful place.

BEAUTIFUL night but fewer than 50 tricker-treaters. Plenty of cute kids but no striking costumes. Candy left over. Too bad.

NO NEED to change the clock tonight -- if you live in Arizona or Guam.

CNN Money: "Stressful jobs that pay badly" -- Assisted living director, minister, marriage & family therapist... I'm not making any money but I'm not feeling particularly stressed. Bike rides and gardening are helpful for me. God is good. ~ link

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Horace Glump said...

Actually I believe the Navajo nation (about 20% of Arizona) still changes their clocks like most of USA. And, Indiana which used to avoid daylight savings changed their game a few years ago and have since joined the time-changing collective. Looks like Arizona, Hawaii and the territories are the only holdouts.