Friday, October 30


• NOVELTY -- will read a twitter feed in a computer voice. The format is from:username. So far it doesn't seem to know what to do with the new twitter list feature.

• QUOTABLE: "The church does not have a mission -- it joins Jesus on His mission. It is better to say that the mission has a church!" ~ Ed Stetzer

• MARKETING ploy -- leave new chairs on the street -- watch scavengers and track with GPS. ~ link

• THAT WOULD work in my neighborhood. This morning we set discards out on the curb for a disabled vets organization. Most of the pile was gone by the time the pick-up crew arrived.

• DID BILL Clinton meet with a Kim Jong-il stand-in? Does it matter? Either way it got the job done. ~ link

• "ARE SMALL groups just for white people? Why don't more ethnic churches have a small groups ministry?" ~ link

• THIS SUNDAY is the last day to email me a question for Tim Beals and to be entered in the drawing for a free copy of the Holy Bible Mosaic. Your chances of winning are pretty high. ~ link

• MY BLOG reading, Facebooking, and emailing is backlogged. Thanks for your patience.

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