Monday, November 9


• A California church has its own "stimulus plan" to encourage people to support local businesses. ~ link

GUAM may soon have non-stop flights to the US mainland. That would cut a few hours off a trip that usually takes 18+ hours, depending on connections. But I wonder how much of this talk is wishful thinking disconnected from economic reality. ~ link

• TOM Ehrich on why clergy tenure doesn't work ~ link

ONE of the Phoenix homes auctioned off yesterday went for $20,000. ~ link

• THIS is creative -- and potentially positive. Some of the greyhound dogs left homeless after the Phoenix Greyhound Park closes next month will be going to prison. ~ link

GRASSROOTS economic indicator -- my next door neighbor, Jesus, who is a welder, had been out of work for about 8 months. He's now working again.

• AMERICA'S oldest denominational body, the Reformed Church in America, is imploding, according to a sociology professor at their denominational college. ~ link

SOME of Hawaii is now up on Google's Street View. ~ link

IS there hope for the church in Germany? ~ link

• THE PT 73 has lost another crew member. Gruber has died. ~ link

WE watched Gran Torino tonight -- so many characters transformed on so many levels.

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