Tuesday, November 10


Coke Freestyle• COCA-COLA'S new high-tech "Freestyle" soda fountain with over 100 soft-drink varieties is getting a lot of attention. ~ link

• A NORTH-CENTRAL Phoenix church has lost a court appeal. They can't feed the poor out of their building because running a charity dining hall violates the residential zoning ordinance. If they were in a commercial or industrial zone they could run the dining hall. I suspect this isn't the final word. ~ link

• AUSTRALIAN study: people lose weight and are in a better mood with a high-carb, low fat, low protein diet. Serotonin at work? ~ link

• NEW spin on solar power -- 2,000 ft tall wind tunnel towers in the desert ~ link

• I THOUGHT that after 9-11 the government agencies had all decided that they were going to talk with each other and share information. ~ link

LITURGY is evangelistic in that it provides connection to the broader story and encourages participation at a deeper level. And IMHO it's not as boring as the mind-numbing repetition of shallow me-focused music which drags the worshiper only inward and down and rarely up and out. ~ link

OUR Guam congregation, the Lutheran Church of Guam, has voted to disassociate from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and begin a new affiliation with the centrist Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC). They will retain their affiliate relationship with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS). Up to this point LCG has been an independent Lutheran congregation with a mission affiliation with both the LCMS & ELCA -- one of the few areas where both of those bodies cooperated with each other. Sad, but probably necessary.

• BTW, LCG is an example of an evangelistically effective liturgical church (although they are not rigid in their approach to liturgy).

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