Wednesday, November 11


• WELL... the Holy Bible: Mosaic blog tour was supposed to stop here today. But I'm still waiting for the door bell to ring. I'm guessing that the good folk from Tyndale got lost somewhere in the neighborhood.

• NOW online NLT/Greek Interlinear New Testament. Initial response crashed the server today. But it seems to be functioning smoothly now. ~ link

• "JOHN J O'Connor III, the husband of retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, has died." ~ link

• WHILE some are talking about vibrant new designs for NFL helmets, others, perhaps more level headed people, are suggesting that the number of head injuries in football would be reduced if they got rid of the helmets altogether.

• MALAYSIA has enough internal strife. Now they've annoyed Indonesia again -- which seems easy enough to do. ~ link

• WE are supposedly in an El Niño pattern but Arizona weather continues to be wacked out in the opposite direction. Things are supposed to be wetter than normal but there is no rain in the forecast for the rest of November. It may briefly get cooler than normal next week. So far, though, we're still doing days in the upper 80's and lower 90's (!). ~ link

FABULOUS colour video of London in 1927 ~ link

• GREAT Veteran's Day link -- dogs and children welcoming their soldiers home ~ link

GOOGLE has slashed the price of additional online storage. I'm at 94% of Picasa/image storage capacity (used by blogger) so I may eventually have to breakdown and spend 41¢ a month for more. ~ link

SETH Godin's post on choosing customers is highly adaptable to church planters. Relax. Take some time. Discern who God is putting on the team. Don't chase people down just because you need warm bodies to create critical mass. It will come back to bite you later. ~ link

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