Thursday, November 12


• THE Presbyterian Church in America has launched an 'Every Church Plant a Church' thrust. I suspect that if any denomination could get 100% buy-in to such a thing it would be the PCA. They have four things going for them: (1) the denomination itself is relatively young, (2) rise of neo-Calvinist movement which has connections with PCA, (3) the enthusiasm and modeling of PCA pastor Tim Keller, (4) a theological-soul in addition to a mission-heart. ~ link

H1N1 in America -- 22 million had contracted it, 98,000 have been hospitalized with it, and in the last six months 3,900 Americans have died from it. ~ link

• THE Arizona department of Transportation tweeted this about an hour ago -- "Weekend restrictions: Freeways open for NASCAR..." If they're opening the freeways for NASCAR racing this weekend I'm staying home. It's already too fast without a bunch of race car drivers.

• ACCORDING to a new report released Wednesday, pollution levels in Arizona have increased 61% statewide since 1990. ~ link

THE Atlantic headline reads: "Did Christianity Cause the Crash?" I take issue with that, the "prosperity gospel" has little to do with Christianity. ~ link

16% of adults in the world would move to a new country if they could. By far the destination country of choice would be the US. Asians are least likely to want to move. Africans are most likely to want to move. ~ link

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