Friday, November 13

Reformtting spiritual formation class

I still don't have any paying gigs but that just frees up time to work on important side-projects. :-)Guam coast

For example, I've spent a lot of time this week reformatting my spiritual formation class so that I can teach it (from Arizona) by distance education this spring. Ideally we'd teach this class as a small group experience but the students we're aiming at are unable to get to the PIU Guam campus and there aren't really enough of them in a single place to set-up groups -- even if there were qualified group leaders in place.

To make things even more interesting most of these students are on islands with spotty electricity, slow flaky internet, and really snail mail service. That rules out my video content and online forums with tight deadlines. But I am counting on email being available some of the time.

The students will be doing a lot of writing, which won't hurt them at all. They are all English as second language learners. And I really admire people who will commit to such endeavor in a second language.

If you are one of my island or Pacific Rim readers and you or someone you know should be taking this class, registration information can be found here. The work, while formatted differently, is about equal to what you'd have to do if you took the class in a classroom.

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