Sunday, December 6


SCHOOL nurses in Sweden are pushing for an energy drink age limit. ~ link

"ZOTERO automates bibliographies for college students completing research assignments." Open source, drag and drop from George Mason University. ~ link

STUPID and irresponsible thing to do -- but funny. ~ link (via)

AN inexpensive way to deal with some of those out of control power and computer cords on your desk -- use Velcro plant ties to separate and wrap the cords. You can even use the Velcro to anchor them to the desk (or whatever you want). I also use pieces of Velcro to wrap hoses and power cords in the garage. If you buy Velcro in the office section you pay big bucks but you can get a 45' roll of ½" Velcro plant ties for about $4 -- maybe less. Good stuff -- relatively inexpensive.

A PASTOR from India called me in the middle of the night. I hope he wasn't too offended when I said that I couldn't talk. Friends, Arizona is GMT -07:00. I have a hard enough time carrying on a coherent conversation in the middle of the day.

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