Tuesday, December 8


Lesslie NewbiginTODAY is Lesslie Newbigin's 100th birthday -- and why you should care. ~ link | link

"A leading Chinese religious scholar called the country ready for 'an institutional guarantee for the legality and quality of all religions,' according to a December article in China Daily, the official government English language newspaper." Change is in the air. ~ link

IN one of his latest podcasts Mark Goodacre asks if Jesus was really a carpenter. If you've ever heard him before you can guess what he'll say. Either way, Dr Goodacre is always fun to listen to. ~ link (about 10 minutes)

YET another use -- Cheryl has been using the Velcro plant ties, which I mentioned on Sunday, to hang Christmas decorations. BTW, I saw rolls this Velcro at Walmart yesterday for $3.

CHROME extensions are now online. ~ link

WHILE US citrus growers are struggling to keep their crops from becoming popsicles, in Australia some growers are losing fruit to heat and sunburn. ~ link

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Charlie said...

I bought a couple of Leslie Newbigin's books last week and I'm looking forward to reading them over the holidays.