Wednesday, December 9


A STORE devoted to Peeps is opening in DC. Sometimes you don't know whether to cheer, laugh, or weep. ~ link

MYSTERIOUS but cool blue spiral light display over Norway ~ link

THERE are a growing number of more focused alternatives to the MBA. ~ link

MEDICAL students and seminarians living in senior adult housing helps open their eyes to the needs of retirees. Creative. ~ link

"AN image-rehab plan for Tiger Woods" -- wisdom from Rick Reilly ~ link

THE rise of China was most important story of the decade, according to the Global Language Monitor. I agree. ~ link

WHICH search engine ad systems are the most effective in driving traffic to a website? Click-throughs: Google -- .98%; Yahoo -- 1.37%; Bing -- 1.74%; Ask -- 1.76%; and the WINNER is AOL -- 2.5%. ~ link

DNA testing plots out the origins of the ancient Samaritans. ~ link

MANY American Christians are syncretistic -- mixing in elements of Eastern spirituality, according to a USA Today article. Tell us something we didn't already know. ~ link

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