Tuesday, December 15


LOOKING for a great summer gig? Mission Springs (where I worked for four summers) is looking for some great staffers. ~ Apply Online

ORAL ROBERTS is dead at the age of 91. It's interesting that my Pentecostal friends on Facebook are remembering him as a great evangelist who led countless people into the fullness of the Spirit. Many of my non-Pentecostal friends are remembering him as a predator who used ministry to get rich and live a life of avidity and opulence. Are they all really talking about the same man? At times God in his grace chooses to use high-profile highly dysfunctional people. At times God in his grace even uses low-profile slightly-less dysfunctional people. It's his call. And I'm glad he's the one who sorts out our messes.

GREAT Christmas prank and reaction -- YouTube video involving a lot of wrapping paper.

COCA-COLA is flowing out the doors of Costco again. It appears that the big box warehouse got the price break it was seeking. ~ link

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