Wednesday, December 16


IF the story is accurate, incentives mean that Oklahoma residents can get a $10,600 electric car for $865. Sweet! -- but not enough to get me to move from Arizona where it is currently 75° -- in the shade, on the patio. ~ link

"EVANGELICAL COVENANT CHURCH Counters Denominational Trends" -- Hey, that's us! Usually no one outside the Covenant notices -- and that's okay. But it's interesting when someone does. ~ link

SOMETIMES different works better -- "The Never Open Store is open only when Mata feels like unlocking it and allowing shoppers inside..." ~ link (via)

WE might think of the Christian copycat Jesus junk as cheesy. Those outside the church find it baffling. ~ link

McDONALD'S is going back to offering free Wi-Fi -- which means I'll probably ditch my Boingo account. ~ link

I'M trying to remember if I lent someone my copy of Deliberate Simplicity: How the Church Does More by Doing Less (Dave Browning). I would hate to buy another if my copy isn't too far away.

HUNDREDS of Arizona foster children are in danger of being homeless. ~ link

A Phoenix area man killed a rabid bobcat with his bare hands after it attacked him. ~ link

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