Monday, December 28


burrow owl
I SPOTTED a little Burrowing Owl foraging in our backyard this morning. The cloud cover today must have fooled him into thinking that it was still dawn. The picture I took of him checking out the passion fruit bush was through a window and thus a bit fuzzy.

MATT NIGHTINGALE has an "I love the Covenant" post ~ link

ONE of the things I appreciate about the Covenant is that they (we) are making a serious attempt to equip leaders for the future. The presidential scholarship program at North Park Seminary makes the seminary portion of pastoral formation quite accessible. ~ link

BOOKSTORES are now history according to Seth Godin. What do you think of his logic? ~ link

CRIME is down, in spite of the weak economy. ~ link

"CHEMICALS found in in the skins of pomegranates could be harnessed to fight hospital superbug MRSA." ~ link (via)

"HOW N.T. Wright stole Christmas" (interesting that the ultra-reformed Credena people have a positive word about Bishop Wright -- there is grace and hope!) ~ link

FENG OFFICE -- another online alternative office suite. This one is from Uruguay -- and why not! ~ link

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