Tuesday, December 29

Attention Chuukese students!

PIU has asked me to teach Spiritual Formation (CFOR 101) for the spring semester by distance education. The intention of offering this foundational class (required in all PIU programs) in this way is to reach out to some of the students on the islands who cannot get to the Guam campus.Chuuk flag

We know that there are students living in Chuuk who need this class but so far none of the Chuukese have enrolled. (There are already students in Palau enrolled.) I am wondering if I might be able to enlist some of my Chuukese blog readers to encourage their relatives and friends in Chuuk who need this class to take advantage of it. Would you please either forward by email or print out this information and hand it to them?

Yes, this is going to be a distance education class using the computer. But it will be different than the other distance education classes PIU has offered. We will not be using the online discussion forums this time and there will not be the same kind of deadlines.

All interaction will be directly with me and will be done through email. (It will be like having your own personal teacher!) Instead of attending class in a classroom students will be doing lots of writing in response to the reading and spiritual development exercises. This means that you will have an opportunity to consider the important topic of how we develop into mature Christian disciples AND I will also be coaching you in your English writing skills.

I admire people who are doing college level work in a language other than their first language. I do not get upset when you make grammar or language mistakes. I am very happy if you can convey your ideas. However, because we want to help you improve your writing skills, too, there might be times that I return assignments and ask you to make some changes in your writing. If you complete the revisions you will be rewarded with class points. We believe that God will use PIU graduates to make important changes in the world -- if they are competent communicators.

Also, the grading system will be a little different. Students will earn points for each assignment they complete. They can choose how many points they want to earn during the semester. The grades will be based on the total number of points collected. Students will need to submit at least one assignment every 10 days in order to remain in the course.

I realize that some students will be hesitant to sign-up for a class that is different from previous school experiences. I understand the hesitancy. I would, however, encourage students to move beyond their fears.

Please contact the PIU office for information about registering for this class -- info@piu.edu. Or you can contact me directly if you have questions -- bboydston@piu.edu. We certainly have room in the class for more students from other places, too, but I especially want to make sure that the my brothers and sisters in Chuuk are aware of the opportunity.

Kinisou Chapur.

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