Tuesday, December 29


FOR some unknown reason the cute but obnoxious Sea Lions have abandoned Pier 39 in San Francisco. I think they finally figured out that the cost of living in "the city" just wasn't worth it. Or maybe we should just chalk it up to global warming. ~ link

WE'RE enjoying some Australian Desert Lime cordial while we wait for our frozen Key Lime yogurt to firm up. Mal and Linda Hamill, feeding my lime obsession, sent us the cordial from Roma, Queensland. I was Linda's internship supervisor a few summers ago and I'm proud of her and her new Uniting Church circuit rider call in the Darling Downs farming region.

THE advertising supported television business model is reportedly unraveling. Is this the end of free TV in America? I have my doubts. Reconfiguration, yes. End? Probably not -- at least not yet. No one has come up with a more workable alternative. ~ link

"CORNERSTONE of evangelistic outreach to college students -- concerts and pizza parties -- are harder to find these days. One is just as likely to encounter nights spent with the homeless, meetings about human trafficking, and out-reach to gay students..." ~ link

CHAOS in the streets of Tehran ~ YouTube video

FIVE years ago this week a tsunami devasted parts of Asia. Here is a link to one of my posts with the email account of our friends Don and Lillian Dwight. Covenant World Relief is still involved in the redevelopment of the area. ~ link

PREPARING to launch in 2012 -- C.S. Lewis College on an historic D.L. Moody related site in Northfield, Massachusetts ~ Christian History blog story | college website

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