Thursday, January 7


SOME voice...

COLD STONE is on the way to Thailand ~ link

THE great Seedless Kishu (link) -- I saw one at the nursery last week but it was $70 for a small tree. Cheaper than the $102 Calamansi -- but still too much.

MALAYSIAN church firebombed in midst of Allah controversy ~ link

USGS is mapping earthquakes using Twitter responses ~ link

US State Department championing Twitter as a tool in the war on terror ~ link

THE the coming crash of the organic church -- long live the organic church! ~ link


kent said...

Galli's article is outstanding - thanks

Beth B said...

Brad, my Citrus Man,
what's the difference between a Cutie clementine and a satsuma mandarin orange? Both are appearing on the market shelves here in grey, cold, rainy Oregon and are little promises of sunshine. Do you have a preference? Please expound. : )

Brad Boydston said...

"Cutie" is the marketing label that they've recently slapped on clementines. Clementines are small seedless (unless the bees cross pollinate) mandarins. They're very good -- just ate one a few minutes ago.

SATSUMAS, another variety of mandarin, ARE MY FAVORITE CITRUS. They're slightly larger than clementines, really easy to peel, a bit more oil in the skin, and they taste so good.

I grew satsumas in California and Texas but they don't do as well in the extended heat here in Arizona. You could probably grow them in Oregon in a half-barrel that gets wheeled into the garage on the really cold nights.