Sunday, January 31


PRESIDENT OBAMA plans to visit Guam in March. I hope he's there on a Wednesday night so he can get some BBQ and join in the cha-cha at Chamorro village. He should probably stop by "the world's largest" Kmart to pick up some cheap Guam t-shirts for the girls. ~ link

JAY PHELAN on Facebook: "A great line from conservative writer Suzanne Fields on James Cameron: 'who else but an American could spend $400 million making a heavily computerized movie that condemns modernity and capitalism?'"

IN DENVER several people asked about the size of our lot because they know that I've planted so many trees -- 18 citrus, plus mango, pomegranate, date palm, and guava... The lot is slightly bigger than normal but the trees are all smaller than normal -- almost all are growing on dwarf root stock. That means, even when they're mature most will not require a ladder to pick the fruit. And they don't take up as much room as regular trees. Even though the trees themselves are dwarfs the fruit is full-size and full-flavored.

THE INTRO TO THE OLD TESTAMENT seminar went pretty well tonight. Now I can throw myself back into grading for the Spiritual Formation class. I haven't forgotten you guys!

I'M SEEING all these blow-by-blow tweets haranguing the Grammys. I didn't know so many people actually watched them -- or cared so much.

IS IT A positive or a negative economic indicator when the neighborhood payday loan place goes under?

HOME DEPOT is hiring 700 part-timers in the Phoenix area. ~ link

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