Friday, January 29


"FEAR THE BOOM AND BUST" -- econ 101 by rap

THE GOVERNOR OF GUAM has sent a letter to the Secretary of the Navy requesting that the Guam military buildup be delayed until the infrastructure planning and funding issues are resolved. ~ link

A KOREAN COMPANY has announced plans to build a 131 acre green roof on top of an old wholesale market in Seoul. ~ link

NEARLY 20% of the Swedish population is now foreign-born. ~ link

CATHY WANTS ME TO post more often about household organization. I think she is dropping not-so-subtle hints that she wants Jim (a regular reader) to get organized. Since they've just moved into a new place I'll point to a post about using Gridwall panels in the kitchen. ~ link

THE COVENANT CHURCH in Canada is also collecting Haiti earthquake relief donations. ~ link

CRYSTAL CATHEDRAL -- more dramatic cuts. Even megachurches don't do well if they're built around a fading personality and are tightly locked into certain cultural assumptions of a bygone era. Change isn't easy for any size church. ~ link

MOST FRIENDLY NATIONS when it comes to hospitality toward expat workers -- top 10 in order of rank (highest to lowest): Bahrain, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, US ~ link

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Ann said...

I wonder how they managed to come up with the "most friendly nations" for expat workers. S. Africa? Would the Zimbabweans trying to enter agree with its ranking? Bahrain? Would women have been included, and the menial laborers from the 2/3 world? That ranking just seems very weird and clearly a product of Forbes' subjective polling.