Thursday, January 28


OUCH -- "Phoenix seeks to cut 500 police, fire positions to balance budget" ~ link

PIETISM According to Bo Giertz ~ link

HAITI RELIEF -- I heard this morning that donations to Covenant World Relief's Haiti fund were about to hit the $500,000 mark. I suspect they have done so now. CWR is but one of thousands of groups jumping in to help. It's satisfying, though, to see how one's own tribe responds. BTW, CWR is still at work helping with the redevelopment of villages wiped out by the Asian tsunami in 2004. Staying power.

MASTERPIECE PHONE -- We got a phone number for the church, something we had to add now so that it is established in the phone book and search systems by the time we expect to launch on 10-10-10. It is 602-237-0233, but don't expect anyone to answer. Right now I've got an answering machine on it.

FINLAND & SWEDEN doing a land swap ~ link

COULD BE -- "Is Twitter a spiritual discipline?" ~ link

NOW N.T. WRIGHT is shaking up our understanding of hell. ~ link

AGEIST WORSHIP -- "A church family from the same generation isn't much of a family." ~ link

"ECO-BLING" -- "Installing wind turbines and solar panels in people's homes is 'eco-bling' that will not help meet Britain's targets on cutting carbon emissions, engineers warned Wednesday..." ~ link

GOOGLE READER now reads without an RSS feed --
Google Reader can now act as a general web page change alert system, Google announced. This means you can now try to subscribe to updates for a particular page even if that page does not have an RSS feed. As before, submitting a URL into the "Add a subscription" box should be enough, Google says. ~ link
BRILLIANT VIRAL MARKETING -- It is all about capturing the imagination.

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Ann said...

I really appreciated that video on Wright's revisiting the Biblical understanding of hell when I first saw it about a year ago. It fits with the reality I think most of us experience, and the psalmists speak of -- how corrupting and dehumanizing effects of sin on humans become increasingly evident as our choices to worship God or not (cf. Rom. 1) accumulate and putrify within us. Thanks for the opportunity to hear Wright's thoughtfulness, again! Having visited the Sistine Chapel, I could picture exactly what the orthodox priest was pointing to, as well. (I'm surprised a Swiss guard didn't SHUSH him though!) :D