Monday, February 15

More Monday Random

AUSTRALIAN WEATHERMAN attacked by pelican

BIG EXPENSIVE OOPS for BofA -- "Bank of America forecloses on house that couple had paid cash for" ~ link

AARON MARKUSON, a pioneer in ministry, one of the driving forces behind the founding of CHIC, and a truly creative voice in the Covenant, has died at the age of 99. ~ link

THE SKILL SET for cross cultural living and biblical interpretation are very very similar.

"SPACE ROCK contains organic molecular feast" -- No indication as to whether it originated from a class M planet ~ link

"MISSIONARIES IN HAITI skeptical of newcomers" and I don't think they're trying to protect their turf. They know how long it takes to build trust and to effect long-term change. But this is a crisis. ~ link

IT SEEMS TO ME that a law against texting while driving is redundant. We already have laws which prohibit engaging in "distracting" behaviors and they're just waiting to be enforced. ~ link

"MAN TRAINING to be 911 operator saves son's life" over the phone ~ link (YouTube)

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