Monday, February 15


dragon lizard from Indonesia KEN STARR -- new president of Baylor? ~ link


THE DECLINE in Mainline Protestant and Roman Catholic churches in the US has nothing to do with the rise of atheism and everything to do with the growth of "everydayishness," according to Martin Marty. "It results from thousands of practical changes in habits, customs, practices, and ways of living, which distract those who were once attentive to religious versions of these and detract from reviving them..." ~ link

THE GOVERNOR OF GUAM wants to change the island's name to Guåhån -- the Chamorro word from which Westerners got Guam. This isn't necessarily a bad idea but it sounds like a bit of a red herring at this point. He also pushed for unification of Guam and the CNMI in his last state of the island address. Unification is probably the necessary next step for developing both of those territories. Both would benefit. ~ link

"HAITI: HELPING WITHOUT HURTING" -- free webinar series about responding to the Haiti earthquake disaster -- February 17th and 24th, March 3rd ~ link

IN A SIMILAR VEIN, our friend, Dave Husby, who is director of Covenant World Relief, is recommending Walking With the Poor: Principles and Practices of Transformational Development.
OOPS... "Fans Marriage Proposal Fails at NY Rangers Valentines game" -- She walks out -- and it's all on the jumbotron. ~ link

3-MINUTE VIDEO run down on 2009 US tax issues for ministers, with Mr Clergy-tax-guy Richard Hammar ~ link

INTERNET USERS -- largest percentage live in Asia ~ link

THE SYNOPTIC PROBLEM -- Was there a Q source or are we to look again at the idea of a Hebrew gospel source? Scot McKnight is highlighting James Edwards' new book The Hebrew Gospel and the Development of the Synoptic Tradition ~ link


Laura Springer said...

I like the dragon, as it offers some credence to some of my half-baked notions. :-)

Unknown said...

Walking with the Poor is a great pick for learning more about doing development via relationships with people! And, I am dying to read "How Helping Hurts" - I heard interviews with the authors which had some challenging perspectives for US churches to consider.

And, that totally sucks about the proposal backfiring. Guess bigger isn't always better...yikes.

Josh said...

A name change for no reason is a well-used GovGuam tactic. As an example, I submit the Department of Education/Guam Public School System/Department of Education.