Saturday, February 13


WIPE OUT @ Mavericks -- 13 hurt. It's a dangerous (spectator) sport. ~ link

CHINA DIVIDED over dogs -- pets or meat ~ link

FREE pancakes, pretzels, bowling, Blizzards (I'm sure glad the EV Trib is still in business) ~ link

AVATAR -- "With 'Avatar' now the highest-grossing movie of all time, some evangelical Christians are wondering how to respond to the cultural phenomenon." Is it necessary or even helpful to "respond" to every cultural phenomenon? If we spent more time watering and fertilizing our grass we wouldn't be so worried about the weeds that pop up. ~ link


Unknown said...

How long until some company produces the "Christian" Avatar, or anti-Avatar books start lining the shelves of Christian bookstores.

Unknown said...

Hmm...I hadn't really thought about that message. I was more interested in the connections made between humans taking what they want just because they want it. It seemed to carry a pretty hefty political message to me...