Wednesday, March 3


Haiti housing options and dilemmas. Time is running out. ~ link

Jake -- Live• Cheryl made a key lime pie and then gave me Jake Shimabukuro's latest, Live, for my birthday. (There are some advantages to aging.) Jake is definitely at his finest when he is in concert, absorbing and rebroadcasting audience energy. Live feels like you're there in the room.

Capt Sully, America's favorite pilot, is retiring. I am guessing that there will be more than a fleet of water spraying fire trucks out for that one. ~ link

"Holy Holograms!" -- And the Word became a hologram and projected his image into our midst. ~ link

More natural disasters: 2 killed, 6 injured as giant waves slam cruise ship in the Mediterranean | 6.4-magnitude earthquake damages buildings and major bridges in Taiwan.

Pirate season has begun. ~ link

• There is a shortage of tomatoes and some restaurants in the US are eliminating them from burgers. I'm guessing that the Aussie readers are saying, "No worries! Just stick a beet and an egg on it!" ~ link

• There are 100,000 abandoned mines in Arizona. There is also a move afoot to fill some of them with used car tires. Sounds like an environmental disaster waiting to happen. ~ link

Another use of the Moravian Daily Text and TRIP method ~ link

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Rick said...

We both love ukelele music and curry; and we were born 1 day apart. No wonder we get along so well. Many happy returns.