Monday, May 24


"Arpaio calls on Arizonans to boycott Mexico" -- Again, this illustrates Arizona's greatest challenge -- the need for level-headed leadership. ~

"The number of Christians who speak Spanish as their first language is more than 25% greater than the number who speak English." ~ link

Educators and administrators note that Google has another present for you. CloudCourse runs with Google Calendar and allows you to create and track learning activities, manage your waitlist, and a few other spiffy things you wish you didn't have to deal with. ~ Chronicle of Higher Education

"A Resume Is Not Enough: How to Market Yourself Online" ~ Wall Street Journal

US troops in Afghanistan now outnumber those in Iraq. 94,000 in Afghanistan compared to 92,000 in Iraq. ~ BBC News

If you were in charge of fixing the gushing oil well in the Gulf, what would you do differently? There seem to be a lot of critics saying that BP isn't doing enough but no one seems to have a better plan in light of the current realities.

"Why Johnny Can't Read the Bible" -- Take the quiz! ~ Christianity Today

Quotable: "'Watchfulness' is a better word for leadership than 'vision'" ~ Gannon Sims

Megachurches are doing something right -- "In Defense of Megachurches" ~ Scot McKnight

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