Tuesday, May 25

The most effective, faithful pastors...

William Willimon is saying that "Today, the most effective, faithful pastors are making these moves:"
  1. Move from caregivers to passionate, transformative leaders

  2. Move from contented church of monopoly, to church in competitive, missional environment

  3. Move from nonchalance about results to attentiveness to results

  4. Move from preservation and sustaining to adaptation and supple, flexibility

  5. Move from the pastor as head of an organization to the pastor as spiritual leader and congregational catalyst ~ link
What do you think? Has he nailed it? What would you add or subtract?

#3 seems pretty specific to the formerly mainline churches (Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian...). Evangelicals have traditionally had a more pragmatic results orientation. We try to reduce most everything to measurable results -- reducing the role of mystery.

If Bishop Willimon were putting the list together 10 years ago there would probably have been an emphasis on pastoral self-care and health. I'm not suggesting that such is unimportant -- only that the emphasis is shifting. It was assumed that if the pastor was healthy the church would become healthy.

I think that I'd add to the list -- the effective pastor of today is embracing the global shift and fluidity as the greatest opportunity for mission in the last 2,000 years. The world is shrinking through greater travel and communication. People groups are on the move on a scale never seen before. Cultures are changing through interaction with each other.

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