Tuesday, May 25

Evangelicals and evolution

Evangelicals, evolution, and the resignation of Bruce Waltke are in the news. I'm with Dr Waltke on this one (although I'm not in the same scholarly league -- I definitely play in the Rookie minors). Evolution under the sovereign hand of God is possible.

The creation account in Genesis 1 is an accurate description of God's creative activity and sovereignty but the poetic genre itself suggests that it is not intended to be taken with modern precision or literalness. The days do not need to represent a specific amount of time nor do they need to be seen as an exact ordering of the creation process. The days are merely an ancient literary device to carry the message. There is a creator God who needs to be recognized as the one overall and who is ultimately in charge of all! The rest of scripture unpacks this good news.

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Bruce Waltke was one of my professors at Regent College. He was wonderful.