Thursday, June 10


Cristel Boedecker thought that this Lego printer was pretty cool and sent me the link. I agree!

They caught the bear -- after it decided to take a nap on someone's front porch. You can't blame him. These are warm afternoons in central Arizona. ~ AZCentral

Should the neighbors from New Mexico think about carrying a passport when they come to Arizona? ~ ABC15

I spent a few hours this afternoon getting the church's new computer system up and running. The hardest part these days is removing all that sticker goo. I've tried GooGone, alcohol, pledge multi-surface, kalamansi juice, water... and there is still some residue around the edge of the screen.

Hans Rosling is always fascinating (and fun) to listen to and watch. This is his latest -- an "analog & digital lecture" on world population growth and the future for youth. When you see the situation illustrated like this you begin to understand why the global systems are so stressed. But you can also begin to imagine the possibilities. ~ link

Blogger has a new template designer. I know, I should... but I'm feeling a bit summer lazy. ~ link

I've had a few inquiries about the ads in the right column. No, I'm not rolling in the bucks with them. As a matter of fact they're all freebies for friends and relatives with small businesses -- and some benefit different ministry projects, too. Click on a few!

Critical issues in micofinance and social entrepreneurship ~ link (via)

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