Friday, June 11


More uke love -- quite beyond me -- but I love it. ~ via

This is the story of the congregation in which I spent my first 19 years. ~ link

Watch World Cup games online ~ LifeHacker


Carol Noren Johnson said...

Good to read about San Jose church which I visited once. I grew up at Peninsula Covenant in Redwood City and also often attended that Selah, WA church where my grandparents went. (Saw this on Linked-In) Aunt Carolyn, who is still living in the Seattle area, played the organ at the Selah church you served for years. Used to read you on Covnet.

Brad Boydston said...

I didn't realize that Carolyn is your aunt. She played the piano/organ for the Selah church for 60 years, "retiring" in the middle of my pastorate there. She was one of the most flexible players I've worked with. She could do classics or contemporary. And she switched back and forth without grumbling -- and with musical expertise. I admire here greatly.

Brad Boydston said...

Also, what the story didn't mention but could have was that the San Jose church had a role in the planting of Peninsula Covenant Church.

Carol Noren Johnson said...
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