Tuesday, June 29


Surströmming There are elements of every culture worth preserving. There are other elements which should be allowed to die. Case in point: Surströmming -- Sweden's putrid smelling fermented herring. ~ The Local

A counter-intuitive finding: more interaction in online courses decreases completion rates ~ link

The Afghan women jailed for "moral crimes" ~ BBC World

The Moonies are suing Michael Jackson's mother for $13M. ~ link

Yin Yang"Daoism, the smallest and only native Chinese religion, is fading." ~ WSJ

"Man loses finger at McDonald's drive-thru" -- and if he were sober he would have probably felt more pain. ~ The Local

Cross-cultural trainer Richard Lewis reviews David Platt's book Radical. Lewis, someone who actually understands the complexities of cross-cultural ministry, puts things in perspective -- and keeps us from being swallowed by well-intentioned but half-baked romanticism. ~ link

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Carol Noren Johnson said...

Lewis was a perfect missionary to review that book. Both his book and Platt's look interesting.

I was horrified to read about the Afgan women in jail for "moral crimes".